Ricard Chillon

  • Personal Trainer

Working hard and consciously to empower the lives of others through fitness.

Ricard Chillon, Personal Trainer


I believe that everyone has a true calling in life, something they are born to do, and that will lead to true happiness and fulfilment. For me, it's to empower the lives of others through fitness, to give back to others what fitness has given me: confidence, self-worth, discipline, humility and respect - all things money can’t buy. Life begins at the end of your comfort zone; that's where you'll find me. Remember, if it doesn’t challenge you it doesn’t change you. I offer you both. You don’t get what you want in life, you get what you are, so become what you want.


First of all, you will be assessed in regard to your health, fitness level, body composition and current diet. Then we will talk about your goals and I will design a training and nutritional program specific to you. Every two weeks we will check your progress and make adjustments if necessary. No matter your current level or your goals, I will work day by day in order to guarantee the best results.

Success, sometimes, is just a matter of getting started...
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Online Trainer

The perfect option for people who have experience in training but need assessment and guidance. Personal training program and diet. Two meetings per month to check results and make adjustments.

Gym Trainer

The common option. Enjoy the best facilities and personal guidance in every single session. The best option for those who are beginning in fitness or sport and need support and extra motivation.

Home Trainer

The most comfortable option. Enjoy guidance and sessions in your own home. The perfect option for busy people who want to improve their physical condition.


Get healthier, lose some weight and improve your general condition for a happier and more energetic life.


Improve your condition, lose weight, get bigger, get more ripped. We will work together to reach your goals.

High Performance

We will work together in order to improve your specific condition for sport practice.
Success, sometimes, is just a matter of getting started...

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